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Destiny Of Despair Website is Live!!

Xzenaa, May 16, 10 7:58 AM.
Welcome to those who are members of Destiny of Despair we are kicking off are guild site an with it comes a whole new DoD.  !   To view the complete Site you must Apply for the guild membership an have an active character on Muradin WOW Realm an must be HORDE otherwise you only may view the homepage!!
Guild Site
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Destiny Of Despair is currently recruiting the following:
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Death Knight
Blood (25)
Frost (25)
Unholy (25)
Balance (25)
Feral (25)
Restoration (25)
Beast Masters (25)
Marksmanship (25)
Survivalists (25)
Arcane (25)
Fire (25)
Frost (25)
Holy (25)
Protection (25)
Retribution (25)
Discipline (25)
Holy (25)
Shadow (25)
Assassination (25)
Combat (25)
Subtlety (25)
Elemental (25)
Enhancement (25)
Restoration (25)
Affliction (25)
Demonology (25)
Destruction (25)
Arms (25)
Fury (25)
Protection (25)


    Welcome to Destiny of Despair(DoD)

If not a member feel free to apply!!  For those of you just joining us I will give you a quick intro.  I am Xzenaa your Guild Leader, Currently the only Officers we have is Soulhealer and  My Alt Adieus.  We will have a few officer positions open to those who qualify you will be offered so no need to apply as of yet, In the future we may have more officers  positions available an you may be asked or also apply but no word towards that yet.   General Info is we are going to be a raiding guild but till we get more lvl 80's we will remain a lvling guild so this way we can help lower members to lvl an get to raiding potential.   So if you can not dedicate time to lvling an raiding you may want to find another guild for you, if this does sound right for you then great stay an work to help us become a great raiding guild.   That will be all till further notice HAPPY LVLIN!!
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